Peridot – Birthstone of August & Leo Zodiac

Have you heard about the Peridot stone? Do you go through some internal problem related to feelings of guilt and remorse? Do you have health problems? Do you feel in some way that you need protection? Then knowing the main mystical and therapeutic characteristics of Peridot can be of great help!

Read the article carefully and know all the incredible and powerful characteristics of this almost magical stone.

Benefits of Peridot for Health

The Peridot effectively protects the entire body structure and nearby organs of the thorax. Especially the heart. It helps to improve the immunity of people and fight infections.

It is very good as an aid in psychological treatments, such as: phobias, syndromes, bipolar disorder, hypochondria, etc.

Mystical Characteristics

The stone has a vibration compatible with high spirituality, so it can purify and regenerate hostile environments.

His energy manages to restore the operation of the chakras to eliminate the faults that we often carry during life (emotional bales, debts of the past) and transmute them to positive vibrations.

She manipulates the energies of the astral to bring more life expectancy to the most sensitive people and to dissipate any other intrusive energy originating, for example, from obsessors.

His power of protection is so incredible that the story tells that Moses himself used a peridot stone nailed to his shield.

General Properties of the Stone

Also known as chrysotile, the peridot is a beautiful stone, quite small and rare and therefore with a high price in the stone market.

Meaning of the name

The name peridot has its origin in the Greek Β«peridonaΒ» which means that which has uniform and constant energy.


Although there are some variants, in general the peridots are transparent or with a slightly greenish coloration.

Effects of the Stone on the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of the Person

As for the mental side that stone helps stabilize the brain activities that often end up dispersing through a maze of confusing and endless thoughts, which can be quite dangerous and reach extreme consequences. Therefore, widely used as a pendant.

On the spiritual side the peridot helps in the treatment of people suffering with excessive jealousy. In addition, it has special functioning for bad feelings, such as: anger, lack of respect, hatred, resentment, stress, etc.

In the spiritual field it effectively helps in the protection against all kinds of evils, material and spiritual. Leaving the safest and most confident person to happily perform the different obligations and activities of everyday life.

Therapeutic Effects and the Healing in Crystals

The most suitable therapy for people suffering from the problems already mentioned is crystal healing

In this branch, experts say that she has very productive action in cases of anxious people who need to relax in a way that does not develop opportunistic diseases and that end up producing enough mental confusion.

The peridot is also used as a way to extend the regenerative powers of colors, causing the incidence of a certain tonality to impinge on the peridot before “illuminating” the patient, thus helping in different difficult situations of people: from issues of health to processes of spiritual obsession.

Linked Signs

The Peridot is used since antiquity as a stone that can benefit people who have the following signs of the zodiac: Libra Birthstone and Capricorn Birthstone.

Peridot is officially considered as the Leo Birthstone.

Related Professions

The fact stone can be useful for people of any profession, but it seems to have a greater intimacy with those who work in risky professions, among them we can mention: firemen, police, mountaineers, etc.

Marriage and Peridot

The couple that has six years of marriage will be in the phase of the relationship governed by the Peridot

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