Virtues and Powers of the Crystals: the Amethyst

Amethyst is a crystalline quartz stone colored by iron oxide, whose name already possesses in itself all the virtues and powers that were attributed to it in antiquity. “Amethyst” in the literal sense means: “he who is not drunk” comes from the Greek amethustos, whose etymological origin is found in the Greek term methuien, which means “to get drunk”.

Indeed, probably because of the violet color of this stone, which recalls the color of the wine’s stools, it was attributed the power to preserve men from drunkenness or to cure alcoholics. Like the beliefs related to the virtues and powers of Agatha regarding harvests, the beliefs that are related to the saving effects on those who drink alcohol are still present today. But this is not the charm, much less, that was attributed to that gem.

Indeed, it also represented authority in all its forms, especially and above all, ecclesiastical authority, humility, moderation, moral purity, truth and nobility of heart. As we are seeing, these are great virtues that gave this stone a good reputation in the Middle Ages, so it was recommended to take it normally with you. Amethyst rosaries were also made with protective and magical powers and the bishops often celebrated the Holy Mass with cups that were set with amethyst settings.

You have to know that in ancient times, a violet variety of sapphire was often called Amethyst. For this reason, numerous therapeutic virtues attributed to sapphire can also be applied to amethyst. It also acted as a miraculous remedy to cure almost all ills. However, it is unique in its kind to be able to preserve against drunkenness and cure alcoholics of their weakness.

It seems that he also had certain specialties in his powers to provide a deep sleep without disturbances, to reassure the tumultuous spirits, and to favor the balance of the entire nervous system, even being a euphoric, a fortifier and an excellent stimulant for the system immune

For people who have a strong personality or bad temper, it restores mental balance. It also protects against any psychic attack. It has sedative vibrations and balances the body when there are sleep disturbances. It is said that this stone purifies and cleanses the body and the mind favors understanding and persuasion, that consoles pain and provides relief in times of anguish. It is one of the most interesting stones to meditate and very suitable for depressive treatments, all trying to bring an amethyst stone near us.

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